What is AI- Artificial intelligence?


The computer science field that enlights the conception of intelligent computers that tend to work and react like humans.

With the help of AI technology, the machines will able to mimic the working of the human brain. It includes activities like speech and material recognition, learning with the help of demos and examples, planning, and problem-solving.

Type of AI

1.Reactive Machines:

The Deep Blue chess program by IBM, which can identify the chess items, analyze possible moves (own and opponent moves), make the most strategic move and make the predictions.
The disadvantage is the Deep Blue has no memories, so it can’t use the past experience to make better future move.

2.Limited Memory:

The AI system that can use its past experince to make the future decision. The example is self driving car.

3. Theory of mind:

The machine which able to think like the human brain still does not exists. To create an AI system such as this will take huge efforts and may be possible in the future.


The system with self-awareness, able to understand the individual current situation and can use the data to understand what others are feeling. This system as well does not exist still but in the future.

Area of AI Applications

  • Vision recognition
  • Sound recognition
  • Chatbots
  • Natural language generation
  • Emotional analysis

Type of AI models

Use of AI in Industries


The repetitive human tasks are being replaced by the robotic process. The system is integrated with abled machines learning algorithms, analytics and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform to enlighten the information to serve the customer by advanced ways.


The domain that is always looking forward to using the machines for daily work process. Nowadays the machines are so advance that they do more than the one repetitive job with minimum human supervision.


The AI system can automate the education system needs like automating the grading system, access student data and adapt their needs, help the students through the learning process, ensure the guardians that student stays on track and so on.


One of the best-known technology in the healthcare sector is IBM Watson. This system is able to understand the natural language and provide the answer to the respective question.


The AI system for finance like Mint is able to collect personal data to provide financial advice.


The AI-based database can solve the documentation problem in the lawsuits.

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