What is Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)?

Definition SDLC is a process concerning software development project in a software organization. It describes, how to develop, maintain, replace and improve specific software. The life cycle describes a process for improving the quality of software and the complete development process. SDLC Process Stage 1. Planning and Requirement Analysis Requirement analysis is the mandatory stage … Continue reading What is Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)?

What is Software Testing?

Definition The process to check if the software product outcome matches the expectations and to assure that the software system is bug-free. It includes the execution of a software element to assess one or more properties of interest. Software Testing means the accuracy of the Application Under Test (AUT). Testing is necessary as software bugs … Continue reading What is Software Testing?

What is Blockchain?

Definition A blockchain is a time-card order of a stable record of information that is maintained by a group of computers not owned by any single existence Main supports of Blockchain Decentralization Clarity Constant Importance of Blockchain In the blockchain, the user is capable to create and validate digital information. Specialty of Blockchain The blockchain … Continue reading What is Blockchain?

What is Data Mining?

Definition Data mining is the interpretation process of determining meaningful information from huge databases. Data mining is also recognized as a data discovery or knowledge discovery. Data mining process 1. Extract the data patterns, transform them and load the same in the data warehouse. 2. The data storing in a structured manner, in the multidimensional … Continue reading What is Data Mining?

What is Deep learning?

Definition Deep learning also called as deep structured learning or hierarchical learning. Deep learning is part of machine learning techniques based on artificial neural networks. The word “deep” means the number of layers through which the data is reconstructed. The deep learning process goes level vise. Deep learning level learns to reconstruct its input into … Continue reading What is Deep learning?

What is Machine Learning (ML)?

Define Machine learning is the systematic research of statistical models and algorithms that machines use in order to accomplish a particular task efficiently without using specific guidance. In machine learning, the systems depend on the patterns and interference to perform tasks. The machine learning is an AI (artificial intelligence) system prepared for the technological development … Continue reading What is Machine Learning (ML)?

What is AI- Artificial intelligence?

Define The computer science field that enlights the conception of intelligent computers that tend to work and react like humans. With the help of AI technology, the machines will able to mimic the working of the human brain. It includes activities like speech and material recognition, learning with the help of demos and examples, planning, … Continue reading What is AI- Artificial intelligence?